Consumer Products Inspection


IGI offers independent product inspection and testing services in supply chain — from testing of raw goods and random spot checks to factory audits and supervision of final loading- by employing skilled personnel, together with careful training and effective management controls using equipped laboratories in IGI network and third party laboratories.

Our consumer products inspection services cover a wide range of goods including:

Textile and woven fabrics


Toys, nursery products

Household products

Hardware, tools, do-it-yourself products

Furniture, wooden products

Glassware, Ceramics

Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics

Spare parts

Sports goods and equipment

Electrical and electronic products

Audio-video equipment

Office equipment, Computers, Telephone sets

Paper, and cellulose

components for the above products


Factory Evaluation

Pre-Shipment Inspection

Early production Inspection (EPI)

On-going Production Inspection (OPI)

Final Production Inspection (FPI)

Laboratory Testing

Container Stuffing / Loading Supervision

Destination Inspection

Domestic Inspection

Conformity Assessment Inspection