Food and Microbiology Laboratory

Food and Microbiological Laboratory of IGI is one of the most reliable and well equipped food quality control laboratories in Iran and also it is the first laboratory which has received the ISO/IEC-17025 standard certificate from DAKKS Germany.

There is collaboration between our laboratory, Iranian National Standard Organization and Ministry of Health to control the quality and safety of food and agricultural products. We are proud to announce that IGI laboratory has been selected as the superior laboratory by the National Standard Organization in recent years

Some specialized tests in IGI food and microbiological laboratory are as follows:

Determination of the accuracy of various type of food and agricultural products such as all types of oils, lemon juice, honey, juice and saffron

Determination of the percentage of mixture composition in various type of Indian rice

Physical analysis to determine the acceptable quality and quantity range of wheat

Determination of the nutritional facts of various type of products including calories, protein, carbohydrates, total fat, saturated fatty acids and trans

Determination of the nutrients content in a variety of foods including energy drinks and food premixes

Determination of the purification of raw sugar

Determination of purity of raw materials

The scope of quality control in food laboratory includes following food:

Different types of food and agricultural products as cereals, grains and etc.,

Different types of foods with bestial source such as milk and dairy products, and meat and processed meat products

Different type of confectionary products as sweets, chocolates, toffees, biscuit, various type of nuts and dry fruits

Different types of fruit juice, nectar, syrup, concentrated, carbonated beverages and brewed drinks as tea, coffee, etc.

Different type of ready meals as food preserves and canned fruit, and also various type of spice, and food flavorings such as sauces, desserts and sour pickles

Different type of livestock and poultry feed such as corn, soybean, barley

All microbial tests in IGI food and microbiological laboratory is as follow:

Detection and enumeration of pathogenic bacteria

Detection and enumeration of probiotic bacteria

Determination of fungus mycelium

Microbial Tests on cosmetic, health, and personal care products