Metallurgical & Mechanical Laboratory

Metallurgical Laboratory of IGI has provided fast, accurate and affordable metallurgical testing services to metal production industries, manufacturers, insurance companies and legal professionals. As an independent ISIRI accredited laboratory, we have the ability and experience to conduct metallurgical testing on a wide variety of materials, ranging from advance alloys to iron, aluminum and copper based castings and super alloys.

Metallurgical Laboratory of IGI has accreditation certificate base on ISO/IEC 17025:2005 from DAKKS, Germany, and accreditation certificate from institute of standards and industrial research of Iran.



Metallurgical testing


Identification of phases in multi-component materials




Failure analysis


Heat treating


Grain size determination test


Coating thickness


Estimation of depth of decarburization


Determination of inclusion or second- Phase constituent content of Metals

Mechanical testing such as

Tensile test


Hardness test


Compression test


Bending test


Impact test


Proof strength


Micro-hardness test


Hardness profiles

Other services

Metal product grading: grading of nuts and bolts, steel bars, L-beams, T-beams, steel ropes, metallic plates

Evaluation of standard specification of metals and alloys

Evaluation of technical and metallurgical specifications of metallic products in accordance to international standards

Quality control of raw input materials applied in the industry

Repair feasibility studies of the failed work pieces in cases of the scarcity of the work piece or for the aim of reverse engineering.

Corrosion and erosion engineering studies of the work pieces and finding solutions to prevent the environmental deteriorations.